What is Mind's policy review?

Having supportive policies is vital. Inclusive policies make sure employees get the support they need to manage their mental health.

Our policy reviews are an opportunity to make sure that policies are inclusive and considerate of mental health. Our reviews also look at how your processes might affect employees experiencing a mental health problem.

Once we’ve reviewed your policies, we’ll send you a report. The report will highlight where your policies successfully consider employees with mental health problems. And it’ll flag where you could improve.

The report also includes best practice guidance. It’ll support your organisation’s journey to create a mentally healthy workplace.

73% of people feel their organisation encourages openness and discussion about mental health. - Index Insight 2022/23
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How many policies will you review?

We review the 9 people policies listed below and any supporting documents associated with them. We’ll send a written report with recommendations on how your policies can best support your employees experiencing mental health problems. It’ll also cover how your policies can support line managers.

Policies we review are:

  • Mental health or wellbeing policy
  • Bullying and harassment policy
  • Disciplinary, grievance or conduct policy
  • Equality and diversity or equal opportunities policy
  • Flexible, remote or hybrid working policy
  • Health and safety policy
  • Sickness absence policy
  • Performance management policy
  • Change management policy.

The policy review process

Upload your most recent policies and any supporting documents. One of our expert reviewers will read through your submissions and give you feedback on how to strengthen your policies.

If you don’t have one or more of the 9 policies our reviewer will give you some guidance and recommendations on how to develop any you don’t have in place.

We’ll send you a report highlighting the strengths and improvement areas in each policy.

Want to ensure your policies are inclusive of mental health?

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We'll work with you to ensure your policies work well to support your employees.

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