Our Mental health awareness at work course is accessible to employees at any level, in any sector.

What does the course include?

The course has 8 modules, exploring a variety of topics covering mental health and wellbeing. You can use it as part of an induction programme, or initiatives focused on better mental health in the workplace.

You can take modules in any order. They cover:

  • Introduction to mental health and mental health problems
  • Stigma, discrimination and intersectionality
  • Causes, signs and symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress
  • Mental health and work, workplace triggers, and tips for building resilience
  • Self-care and work
  • Support you can offer and tips for putting learning into practice
  • Where to get support

Mental health awareness at work is an interactive course. It includes quizzes, animations and real-life scenarios.

On average employers see a return on investment of £5.30 for every £1 invested in staff mental health. Training offers one of the highest returns on investment and is an easy intervention to implement (Deloitte, 2022).
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The fact it exists is a great start and even when you may be experienced with the topic it gets you thinking about yourselves and others in a work context.

How our pricing works

Our pricing is based on the size of your organisation’s learning audience and the length of your licence. We offer 1 year or multi-year licences for our eLearning courses.

If you have a learning management system (LMS), we license the eLearning SCORM files for you to host on your own LMS.

If you don’t have a LMS, you can still access our eLearning. In these instances, the eLearning course will be hosted on Mind’s LMS. The fee for this is 10 per cent of the licence fee, per year of your licence, along with your annual licence fee.

eLearning prices start from £3,675 plus VAT and we offer subsidised rates for statutory bodies and charities.

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