Supporting workplace wellbeing has become more critical than ever.

With the ongoing challenges of hybrid working and the rising cost of living, it's vital that we prioritise workplace wellbeing. The Snapshot:

  • Is a digital, on-demand service, which is accessible year-round. Take part whenever suits your organisation.
  • Is delivered through a 5 minute, mobile-friendly survey. It's easy for staff to take part with minimal disruption to business.
  • Gives you quick and meaningful insights. Get your results just 1 week after the survey closes.
  • Recommendations to help strategic decision making. Based on your results we'll provide useful recommendations to help turn your insight into action.
  • Easily accessible data. Your report will include the results from each survey question clearly highlighting your strengths and areas of improvement.
  • Helps you send a clear message to your staff. Taking part demonstrates your commitment to positive workplace wellbeing.

The survey is simple to complete and looks at five key areas that contribute to workplace wellbeing. These are:

  • Workplace culture and practices
  • The work environment
  • Quality of working life
  • Work-life interface
  • Workplace wellbeing resources
The Snapshot is web-based and works on all devices. Employees who have already taken part found the surveys quick and easy to navigate, and enjoyed the mobile friendly design.
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How does the Snapshot work?

We’ve developed the Snapshot toolkit, a series of interactive modules, to guide you through the process of implementing the Snapshot in your organisation. It covers:

  • Raising awareness
  • Launching the survey
  • Monitoring participation
  • Receiving your report

You’ll invite staff to take our 5-minute independent, anonymous survey focused on their workplace wellbeing.

We’ve also created downloadable resources for you to use throughout the process. These resources highlight the benefits of taking part in the survey. And they’ll help you to get as many staff as possible taking part.

At the end of the survey period you’ll receive honest reflections from your staff through our independent, anonymous survey. Staff responses go straight to us at Mind – which encourages people to share their honest views and makes sure the results accurately reflect how staff feel.

Learn more about how the Snapshot works in this video.

From the thorough eLearning on how to use the Snapshot to receiving our company’s results, the process couldn’t have been smoother. The timelines worked perfectly for our organisation, as we were able to fit the survey around everyone’s schedules.

Client feedback

How our pricing works

Participating in the Snapshot will cost £2,000 plus VAT per report. The number of reports you will receive will depend on the needs of your organisation.

For example, the Snapshot can be taken by your whole organisation at once and you would receive one report for this. You may have several business units that wish to take the Snapshot at different times, or you may have multiple international locations, meaning you would receive multiple reports.

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You can also find out more by viewing our Snapshot brochure or taking a look at our short video below.

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