Our Index is the UK's first benchmark of best policy and practice.

How will it help your organisation?

  • Comprehensive assessment areas to gain employee feedback on how well you support their mental health
  • Analysis and reporting of results with recommendations on areas to improve
  • Find out where you rank with workplace mental health in comparison to others participating in the Index
  • Show evidence of your commitment to create a mentally healthy workplace, and improve recognition of wellbeing initiatives
  • Track your organisation's mental health and wellbeing progress over time by regularly taking part in the Index. 

Who is it for?

You might be an organisation just beginning to take action on mental health, or you could already be demonstrating ongoing commitment and accountability by getting involved in our Index. Wherever you are on your journey we encourage you to see this as a learning process and a long-term commitment to a better way of working. Not only for individual employees, but for the success and productivity of your whole business.

We know that sustained investment in mental health works. Last year 77% of returning Index organisations saw their scores increase, and 36% of returning organisations improved their award level.
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The Index process

The Workplace Wellbeing Index runs on an annual basis, so all the participating organisations go through the process at the same time. 

  • Step 1: Sign up
  • Step 2: prepare to take part
  • Step 3: Take part in the assessment
  • Step 4: Receive your results and recommendations

I’d absolutely recommend getting involved with the Index and working in partnership with Mind; it’s given us that objective viewpoint, it’s made sure that even the pandemic hasn’t derailed our health and wellbeing strategy and having that real scrutiny and that honest feedback is going to help us go from strength to strength.

Justine Forster, CEO, Advocacy Focus

The assessment areas

Culture and engagement

This area focuses on organisations’ general wellbeing culture and agenda, alongside staff perceptions of positive change, work/life balance and what proportion are motivated by their workplace culture.

Wellbeing initiatives

We assess the physical environment and the initiatives employers are implementing to improve wellbeing. We also look at what staff think about these initiatives and whether they feel connected, active and have time to reflect.

Knowledge, awareness and skills

This section covers mental health awareness, training and information provided by employers, alongside employees’ views on how they develop knowledge and skills at work.

People management

This includes feedback opportunities, guidance and appraisal processes provided by employers and staff views of their duties and responsibilities.


This key area covers the support provided by employers, what employees think of them and how they’re used.

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